#Repost from @paintedyoga —- Can you believe Summer is officially over? At least on this side of the planet. Less than 4 weeks before we #paintbyyoga in #sanfrancisco . Share the news to your #yogabuddies! Painted Yoga is more fun with friends. To register, download @yogabuddyapp , sign up there and click ‘pay’ to complete your registration . Can’t wait to meet some of you #CaliYogis ! 😘

'It's the action, not the fruit of the action, that's important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time, that there'll be any fruit. But that doesn't mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.' - Mahatma Gandhi 🙏. Thank you to everyone who joined me and my family to #BeThePeace for today's International Day of Peace Celebration in Chicagoland. Thank you for dedicating your intentions and some of your time to send wishes of love, forgiveness, hope and peace across the globe. 💜

No filter, no music here, just pure yoga in nature 🌾. Parsvottanasana or Pyramid Pose for #Day12 of #BalanceBasics . This is an intense hamstring stretch, and one of my favorite post-run and martial arts stretch for the entire leg and back.
It also strengthens and tones the abdomen, improves digestion,
massages the liver and stomach. I remember my teacher cheerfully saying ‘it’s a natural face lift!’ 😍
Forward bending improves complexion, hair, eyes and cools the brain 👍. Keep practicing, even if it’s just few minutes of sitting in silence while breathing deeply. Have a relaxing weekend! 💛

San Francisco and Bay Area yogis and friends, are you ready to experience Painted Yoga™? Registration is now open. Sign up early, spots fill up fast. Download @yogabuddyapp on your iTunes or iPhones to register. For web and Android users, email ‘beau@yogabuddy.us’. ‘Painted Yoga is a style of yoga that is a true work of art.’ - CBS News . Looking forward to practicing and painting with you all! Tag your Bay Area and CA friends to invite them. Paint by Yoga is more fun with yoga buddies 👫👬👭. #paintedyoga #paintbyyoga #yogabuddyapp #sanfrancisco #california #yogabuddy

Post Taekwondo grocery run. Here’s Garudasana / Eagle Pose for #Day10 of #BalanceBasics . This is a fun all-levels balancing pose. Simply cross your right leg over left and hook raised leg behind standing leg-calf, cross left arm over right and hook right hand to press against the left. Stay for 15-30 secs, uncross legs and arms, come back into Mountain/ Tadasana, then repeat opposite sides. Great prep poses to help with balance is Tree & Chair. For beginners, simply press the big toe of the raised foot against the floor to help maintain your balance. Bring elbows shoulder height and find a focal point to gaze at. This is an awesome post martial arts pose, after all the kicking, punching and forms. It strengthens the calves, ankles, thighs, stretches upper back, shoulders and helps with mental focus. Have fun flying your eagle! Thanks @razumolga for the workout tag this morning. My mind was telling me to skip today’s Taekwondo after yesterday’s endurance training. You got me going!

Upavistha Konasana / Seated Angle for #Day9 of #BalanceBasics . After stretching the legs in wide angle, while grabbing the knife edge of the feet, slowly lower the legs down keeping the alignment, then come to a forward bend leading with your heart. This pose focuses on opening our adductors. The adductors help us to connect with the center of our bodies - our core. By engaging the adductors, it becomes more accessible to engage the pelvic floor muscles that contribute to pelvis and sacroiliac stability. By learning to relax and open the adductors we can begin to relax our core. Poses like this teach us how to reach and explore the edge of our limits through strength and groundedness, so that the feeling of expansion can reach well beyond our mats and into our lives. Have fun with your practice! Thank you to everyone who came to class today and embraced the change in our format, focusing on those hardly accessible muscles in our bodies 🙏.

Libertyville, Lake Forest and North Suburbs yogis, five more days before we Paint by Yoga in the beautiful Blue Sky Studio. Gather up your friends and share a fun afternoon of yoga and painting. To register, download Yoga Buddy App on your iTunes, sign up and pay there. For Android and web users, go to PaintedYoga.com under ‘Events’. #paintedyoga #paintbyyoga #myblueskystudio

Good morning! Starting this day with one of the physically powerful poses. Virabhadrasana A or Warrior One for #Day7 of #BalanceBasics . This is an invigorating hip and heart opener. In full expression of Warrior One, the ankles, calves, thighs, groins, core, chest and shoulders are all ignited and engaged, allowing for opening to occur in our hips and hearts. Reach your arms toward the sky as your pinky fingers turn in toward one another. This will allow your shoulders to relax down your back.

Maintain a deep, 90 degree lunge in your right leg, engaging the lower core muscles, which should allow you to find length in your low spine.

Work on squaring your hips toward the front of the room, while grounding the outer edge of your back foot into the mat. Have fun! It’s Monday! 🎉 A new start, a new day to do what you love or begin to love what you do. 💛

Parsvakonasana B/ Revolved Side Angle Pose for #Day5 of #BalanceBasics with one of my little yogis! This is one of those pose that looks easier than what it is. I remember my first time doing this 9 years ago and it was a humbling experience 😂. Chair twists with prayer hands are good prep poses for this. My little guy and I picked out the same Capt. America shirts this morning. And he’s the one who noticed it! Mantra of the day: Be mindful mom! 😛 Back to jeans and long sleeves here in Chicagoland! 54 degrees ☁️☔️❄️, rainy and cold. Thank GOODness it’s Friday! 👍 Any big plans for tonight?

Monday is a perfect day to try something new. If you’ve been practicing Tree pose for a while and you’re balance is stable, knee is pointing down on half lotus and hip is feeling free and open (no strain or pain), perhaps you’re ready to try Half-Bound Lotus Standing Pose / Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana. If you can’t reach your toes yet, straighten the opposite arm and just grab that arm from behind with your other hand. Find a focal point and slowly bend halfway or all the way down. It took me several months to get into the full pose and lots of belly laughs from falling out of it. Have fun with it, listen to your body, and remember yoga doesn’t have to be perfect that’s why we call it a ‘practice’. I’ll be posting my next poses for #BalanceBasics as I do my best to catch up with this challenge. I encourage you to join in. Looking forward to seeing some of your posts for this challenge.