This weekend, the diverse communities of San Francisco came together to bring a vision to life with Painted Yoga™. So honored and grateful to be a part of it! 🙏. Here’s a ‘before’ photo before we Painted by Yoga. Thank to everyone who made this possible - the organizers, sponsors, volunteers and mostly those who participated! You have all brought huge inspiration to me to keep sharing my passions for both art and yoga ❤️. Do what you love, live what you love! And remember to always have fun 😊.

Yoga Buddies! 👭 Sharing one of my favorite snapshot from yesterday’s #PaintedYoga class with 55 Minis 😍.

Touch down SAN FRANCISCO! Rocking our Lululemon gears and wears with Grant Ave Store Key Leader Adrian. What better way to start this trip but with the warmest smiles and welcome from our @lululemon friends at @lululemongrantavenue ! One thing I love about Yoga is the way it bridges communities together - in this case, yoga is bringing together inspirations from Chicago to San Francisco. One lucky yogi will bring home a special treat from them this weekend 😍. Thank you for the sweet welcome! Ready to #PaintbyYoga Bay Area? The Chicago yoga communities, home of Painted Yoga™, are excited to see what you’ll be creating! 🎉 #paintedyoga

How do I love thee? Oh, the countless ways! 💛💛💛 Our little fearless flyer 🚀 showing his dad and brother his favorite #miniandme acro yoga pose. SAN FRANCISCO yogis, I can’t wait to meet and #paintbyyoga with you this weekend! Time to be a kid again, have fun by expressing yourself on the mat and create your #artasana 🎨 Don’t forget to pre-register via @yogabuddyapp (download from iTunes or App Store, then sign in and reserve your spots). See you soon! 😘

SAN FRANCiSCO, we are only few days away from our workshop! You still have time to reserve your spots. Painted Yoga™ is more fun with friends, so invite your yoga buddies to #paintbyyoga with you! Register via Yoga Budddy App on iTunes to get a special discount! Get ready to get your paints and yoga on, all at the same time.🎨 Workshop is open to all levels. #paintedyoga #sanfrancisco

San Francisco, Bay Area and California Friends and Yogis, have you signed up yet for the next #PaintByYoga Workshop happening on OCT 18th? Experience why CBS News hails #PaintedYoga as ‘a style of yoga that is a true work of art’. Sign up for a chance to win a Free Fit Session Card with Complimentary Top from @lululemon Grant Ave in SF and affirmation bands from @mantraband . Download @yogabuddyapp , sign up and reserve your spots 👍. See you soon! Spread the word to your fellow #caliyogis and #sanfrancisco yogis and let’s Paint by Yoga! 🎨

#Repost from @paintedyoga —- Can you believe Summer is officially over? At least on this side of the planet. Less than 4 weeks before we #paintbyyoga in #sanfrancisco . Share the news to your #yogabuddies! Painted Yoga is more fun with friends. To register, download @yogabuddyapp , sign up there and click ‘pay’ to complete your registration . Can’t wait to meet some of you #CaliYogis ! 😘

'It's the action, not the fruit of the action, that's important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time, that there'll be any fruit. But that doesn't mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.' - Mahatma Gandhi 🙏. Thank you to everyone who joined me and my family to #BeThePeace for today's International Day of Peace Celebration in Chicagoland. Thank you for dedicating your intentions and some of your time to send wishes of love, forgiveness, hope and peace across the globe. 💜

No filter, no music here, just pure yoga in nature 🌾. Parsvottanasana or Pyramid Pose for #Day12 of #BalanceBasics . This is an intense hamstring stretch, and one of my favorite post-run and martial arts stretch for the entire leg and back.
It also strengthens and tones the abdomen, improves digestion,
massages the liver and stomach. I remember my teacher cheerfully saying ‘it’s a natural face lift!’ 😍
Forward bending improves complexion, hair, eyes and cools the brain 👍. Keep practicing, even if it’s just few minutes of sitting in silence while breathing deeply. Have a relaxing weekend! 💛

San Francisco and Bay Area yogis and friends, are you ready to experience Painted Yoga™? Registration is now open. Sign up early, spots fill up fast. Download @yogabuddyapp on your iTunes or iPhones to register. For web and Android users, email ‘’. ‘Painted Yoga is a style of yoga that is a true work of art.’ - CBS News . Looking forward to practicing and painting with you all! Tag your Bay Area and CA friends to invite them. Paint by Yoga is more fun with yoga buddies 👫👬👭. #paintedyoga #paintbyyoga #yogabuddyapp #sanfrancisco #california #yogabuddy