@thecookierunner tagged me to #stopdropandyoga . Sweating like crazy after this morning’s Taekwondo training. Two more months before Black Belt 👊! My little guy isn’t starting school until after Labor Day, so we get to hang out together for the next two weeks and we’re both loving it. We both miss his big brother but he’s enjoying all the attention. He’s a climber and will climb anything, especially when he sees mommy doing yoga 😂! Now it’s your turn @veggie_cybs (Erica) arthleticwear (Milena & Jelena) and @miaparkmiapark (Mia)

Today’s Paint by Yoga in The Hart Wellness Center, Flossmoor. Thank you to all the beautiful and cheerful yogis who came, practices and painted with us ❤️🙏❤️. It was such an honor to guide you all in your creative awakening journey. #paintbyyoga

Live. Laugh. Create. Painted Yoga™’s mantra was brought to life in its entirety by everyone who participated in today’s workshop. Thank you for sharing a fun and inspiring afternoon of yoga and painting. See you all in two weeks in Sukhava Bodhe Yoga and Music Fest! 2 days of #paintedyoga workshops!

Do something different, do one thing a day that challenges you, create something out of pure fun, be amazing 🚀. One more day before Paint by Yoga! Download Yoga Buddy App to sign up or go to PaintedYoga.com under ‘Events’. See you tomorrow! #paintedyoga #paintbyyoga

Freehand calligraphy on a white tank for this Saturday’s Practice for Freedom class with Be Free Yoga in Yoga360 at 7PM. Leave the word as is or add more? Original plan was to write all these words as a text collage: Be Free Yoga, Make a Difference, #practiceforfreedom . Hmmm…What do you think? If you’re coming to one of my workshops this weekend, bring a white or light colored tank. I’ll be more than happy to write an inspirational word on it if you donate any amount to Be Free Yoga. Bring your donation receipt. Saturday 8/16 is Practice for Freedom in the evening and Sunday 8/17 is Paint by Yoga at 2:30PM.

Yoga. Tea. Love. 🙆☕️💛. Mornings are made better with daily practice.

Event photos from the Chicago Rooftop Yoga Fest are now up in Painted Yoga’s Facebook page. You can view the photos online even if you don’t have an FB account. #chirooftopyoga

Teaching #yogabeadlove 61 floors high. Taking it all in, breathing and being present in the moment. What a beautiful sight to open your eyes to. #chirooftopyoga

Metallic tattoos and @mantraband making an appearance in yesterday’s Chicago Rooftop Yoga. We’ll be sharing more photos soon, so stay tuned. #chirooftopyoga #chicagorooftop #chicagoskyline #chitown #chicago #mantraband #flashtattoos

Thank you so much to everyone who practiced with us from sunrise to sunset. We enjoyed meeting all of you, reconnecting with old friends, building new friendships and connections, and doing it all for a cause. We will be posting more photos soon, so stay tuned! We hope to see you again next year. #chirooftopyoga