@tumericalive in #paintedyoga action! 🎨 Thank you Tumeric for joining us. Don’t miss the next Tumeric + @paintedyoga events next Sunday, 8/3 in @yoga360 Frankfort and 8/17 in Hart Wellness Ctr in Flossmoor. Get ready to #paintbyyoga !

Few highlights from today’s #paintbyyoga workshop. More to come soon so stay tuned. Next workshop is Sunday, Aug 3rd in Yoga360, Frankfort, IL. #paintedyoga

And it’s a wrap! Thank you to all the beautiful folks, and now new friends, who came out to #paintbyyoga today! You all did amazing and your paintings came out beautiful. I’ll be sharing photos soon, so stay tuned. 🙏 If you missed this week’s workshop, join us next Sunday, August 3rd in Yoga360, Frankfort, IL. Workshop deets in paintedyoga.com under ‘Events’. #paintedyoga

Four more days before we Paint by Yoga! Trying out another painting technique today to share with you on Saturday. There are still spots left, our studio has plenty of space. Download YogaBuddy App for free on your smartphone to sign up or go to www.paintedyoga.com . You don’t want to miss this weekend’s workshop. Our sponsors are so excited to see your artworks! LUNA Bar, Tumeric Alive and Sant will be giving away cool freebies and samples exclusive to workshop attendees. MantraBand and Arthletic Wear will be giving away one of their goodies to one lucky participant. Tag along your buddy, yoga painting is more fun with friends. See you on your canvas mats! #paintedyoga #paintbyyoga

Got up early to get my daily practice and meditation on . Initiative starts with ‘I’ . If we want something to happen, we have to make the first steps and believe that we can.

Look what just arrived at the door and now, happily chilling in the fridge! Boxes of Tumeric Alive goodness! Six more days before the next Paint by Yoga workshop . Hydration makes for happy, healthy yogis! That’s why Tumeric is joining us this Saturday, July 26th in our Chicago workshop. Are you signed up yet? Go to ‘Events’ in www.paintedyoga.com to reserve your spots. Don’t miss this chance to sample Tumeric for free this week! Stay tuned for more fun surprises coming up in our event this Saturday. We’re giving you more reason to visit Chicago, Paint by Yoga with us and tour this beautiful city. How about snapping your photo in the Bean after the workshop in your painted glory? You should, because the most creative photo with your paints on after the workshop is winning a special prize from one of our sponsors! Use our workshop hashtag #paintedyoga . See you Saturday and get ready to unleash your inner artist!

I am in love with these MantraBands. Simply beautiful all around. Our friends from MantraBand will be giving away one of their lovely handcrafted affirmation bracelets to a lucky Paint by Yoga workshop participant. One winner for each workshop this year will be chosen. Invite your friends and yoga buddies and share the luck of winning and the Painted Yoga™ experience. Next workshop is on July 26th in Chicago. San Francisco yogis and friends - stay tuned! I will be there 1st weekend of September to teach Paint by Yoga, Yoga Bead Love and Practice for Freedom. And @MantraBand is coming with me 🎉 #paintedyoga #paintbyyoga #mantraband

Thank you to everyone who came to class this morning. Leading the class on behalf of one of my many teachers of several years was a reunion of all sorts. Grateful to the students whom I practiced alongside with for six years and to my own students who allowed me to guide them in their practice today. It was one of the most touching classes I’ve lead. I felt the love with every smile, the complete surrender with every exhale and as each one closed their eyes settling deeper into each pose. We were connected despite the differences and irrespective of whatever stage each one is in their practice. There were no beginner, intermediate of advanced yogis, just beautiful souls breathing, flowing and ‘being’. May you find the time to ‘just be’ and quiet the mind and soul after yesterday’s celebrations and festivities.

Look what came in the mail today! The lovely MantraBands 💞💖💕. Here’s another reason not to miss the Paint by Yoga workshops this summer. Our friends from @mantraband are excited to see new Painted Yoga™ artworks emerge from the workshops. To celebrate your creative journey, MantraBand is giving away one of their lovely handcrafted affirmation wrist bands to one lucky participant from each of my summer workshops. Share the luck of winning and tag along a friend to Paint by Yoga with you. Go to ‘Events’ in www.PaintedYoga.com to sign up for the next workshop. See you on your canvas mats! Thank you #mantrabands ! 🙏 #mantraband #paintedyoga #paintbyyoga



Yoga and paint?! Yup working out just reached a new creative peak. Painted Yoga allows you to express yourself artistically - Lather up in colorful paints and move through a Vinyasa Flow class while standing on a canvass mat. This is the only workout that gives you a masterpiece of art at…

Thank you Protein Bar for the lovely feature!